Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit

When I was little Nickelodeon use to show tiny segments (probably less than a minute) about different holidays. I only remember two of those segments. I remember when they did Christmas and I remember Rabbit Rabbit day. In the segment they said that some people believed that if you say "Rabbit Rabbit" first thing when you wake up at the beginning of a month, you would have good luck for the rest of the month. After, probably 13 years, I finally looked up Rabbit Rabbit day. According to wikipedia it is thought to have originated around the 1800s. The most common way the superstition is seen is saying either "Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit" or "Rabbit Rabbit" at the beginning of each month for luck. [Read the entire article]

Well today is Oct. 1, 2009 and today I have bunnies on the brain. I casually told my father today that it was Rabbit-Rabbit Day and he said he never heard of it before. I explained to him what I remembered from the Nickelodeon special and researched the rest. I decided today to do a bunny craft!

Here is that bunny craft! This is only the 2nd time I have decoupaged. I think I sprayed the gloss too close to the tile, hence the spots. Live and learn =] I cut out a bunny silhouette on regular printer paper and the background is construction paper. I decoupaged them to a $0.29 tile I found at Goodwill! It is currently drying in this picture. Hopefully it will look much nicer tomorrow when it is done. Sorry for the glare.

Yours in chalking-it-up-to experience glory,

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