Upcycled Cat-Scratch Post

Well my family has 2 very playful kittens and my sister and I decided to make a scratching post for them. We went to GoodWill and bought a $3 cabinet then covered it with carpet left over from my parents' house. The hardest thing was cutting the board for the bottom. I found a piece of wood at my father's house, but had no knowledge of how to use his power tools. I ended up using a hand saw and gravity (my sister kicked the piece apart) to cut it. The whole thing was pulled together with a nail gun. It was a blast to make and you can not argue with a $3 cat scratch post! The kitten in the picture is our girl cat, Harlow, she is the main occupant of the scratch post.
Yours in DIY Glory,

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  1. That is fantastic! Great job. Truthfully, they tear them apart too quickly to spend lots of money on them. I have one that I "saved" from the dumpster and another that was given to me. That is with a full grown cat, who is not a huge scratcher, but I don't want to spend the money on a scratching post that she hardly uses. I use it on other toys though. ; )