Batman Afghan

If you are like a good portion of Americans you were swept up in the hype of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Thousands of people suddenly became Batman fans, while the die-hards fans complained that they were just doing what was "in". My boyfriend is one of those complaining die-hard fans. Haha, I know it is rather early, but I crocheted this Batman afghan as his Christmas present. I purchased this pattern from Cozy Concepts on etsy. That shop is WONDERFUL! There are so many patterns and if you buy 2 patterns you get one free.
I really LOVE this afghan, this is the first BIG crochet project I have ever done. I also used (mostly) Caron Eco Soft yarn (black and red) and Caron Simply Soft yarn (grey). It is hard to believe how comfy this afghan is. I am quite pleased with this afghan. I am not sure what my next afghan will be, but they sure are fun to make and rewarding at the end.

Yours in DIY Glory,


  1. That is awesome! I don't have the patience to make large projects. My afghan is granny squares. That I might actually get done. Lol.

  2. I did not think I would be into these large projects either, but for some strange reason afghans appeal to me.