Tutorial: Pac-Man Ghost Hair Pin

I got this idea about a month ago and these little hair pins have been a huge hit with my friends. They are not price-y at all to make. I make all sorts of hair pins and normal pins, but today you are going to get the tutorial on how to make Pac-man Ghosties.

Surely you know Pac-Man the wonderful arcade game where Pac-Man must run from all the ghosts unless he consumes a special circle thingie that renders them vunerable to him. There was four ghosts: Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (blue) and Clyde (orange). For this tutorial I will be making Clyde.

  • 2 felt cut outs of a ghost (same color)

  • 2 white felt circle cut outs (for eyes)

  • 2 black tiny felt circle cut outs (for pupils)

  • Transparent Nylon thread + Needle
  • Fiberfill or some kind of stuffing

  • Hair pin

  • Hot glue gun + Hot glue

Price: Hair clip (0.25 cents each), Felt (0.25 cents each, but make many ghosts), everything else on hand

Step 1: Place the two felt ghosties on top of each other

Step 2: Begin sewing the two pieces together, leaving a tiny bit of a border

Step 3: Continue sewing until there is just enough left un-sewn to stuff the ghost

Step 4: Stuff the ghost and sew him shut

Step 5: Ready the glue gun!

Step 6: Glue the Hair pin to the back of the ghost

Step 7: Make sure the ghostie is dry and even before continuing

Step 8: Flip the ghostie over

Step 9: Glue the eyes and pupil onto the ghost

AND YOU ARE FINISHED!!!! Make more ghosts and have a ghostie party!!!! They are great for gifts and really very simple and cheap to make. I hope you liked this tutorial. Comment if you have any questions or comments :)

Yours in DIY Glory,

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