'Tis the Season for Gardening!

Well I got up this morning feeling a little down. It was drizzling and that meant that we could not start our Christmas decorations. It was a bit of a pain, but one thing really brighten up my day. When I went out this morning my morning glory vine bloomed, for the very first time. It is just beautiful. There are a couple vines all growing on the same pole in front of my house, but this blossom is growing on the largest of the vines. I am just beyond thrilled. I did not plant these vines too long ago and already they are looking beautiful.
In other great flowering news, my azaleas are blooming. I have mini azaleas growing in front of my house. They were planted by the previous owner and bloom every year. They are not diseased it was just drizzling when I took the picture. I love the azaleas when they are in bloom, such a beautiful color. When they are not in bloom they do look subtly boring. Well I live in a small guest house on my parent's property, so they have their own garden, which I do help with from time to time. In there garden they have a sub citrus garden. Well their oranges are becoming ripe and it is wonderful! This is a picture of a piece of fruit we picked this morning. I am so proud of this orange it was beautiful, tasty, and I thought, could have been sold in a grocery store. YEA for gardening. Flowers are beautiful and inviting but it is hard to compare them to how satisfying eating the fruits of your labor are.
Yours in DIY-Glory

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